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Alot to do about you | May 30, 2008

Yesterday I was eating dirt.  I was concerned about how quickly the Holy Spirit was drained from me.  From Monday to Wednesday I felt my Spirit meter was emptied.  My wife pointed out that being busy and allowing the chaos of everyday life and the constant running around can make you feel this way (my brother is in Alaska, so my work load is heavy).  She assured me that my meter was not as low as I thought.  She was right.  So easily we bring the Holy Spirit to work with us in a briefcase and put it next to our desk.  If we choose to leave him there, well…that’s where he will stay.  On a different note-  God’s promises can sneak up on you.  Under the umbrella of our commercial construction co, we opened up a concrete company.  We had been trying to build business other than from ourselves.  We prayed (and pray) alot and fully believed (believe) that God would bless the business.  We actually prayed that we would get so busy we would worry more about scheduling than actually pouring.  I have spent hours this week trying to perfect the schedule as we have added 3 employees and have more work than ever.  And I actually just realized how busy we are. When I left the Holy spirit in the briefcase and worked without him,  I didn’t even consider or realize that all the promises were coming in.  UNLOCK YOUR BRIEFCASE.

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