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July 30, 2009
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Has never worked this hard in her life.  this does not include raising the kids-I am simply referring to a job that could actually earn money. 

Glam Clothing has been in the works for a little over two months, but this seed has been growing for Angie’s whole life.  Fashion that is.  \

I would estimate over the years I have spent $47,980 on fashion magazines and I care not to talk about the clothes.  However, it is what she knows, what she does, who she is.  To clarify-This is a part of her-not her soul or meaning for life (that would be Jesus) but it does make her happy and could scratch her itch for shopping.  I mean..really..people just bring her the clothes now.  That’s cool.

All this said- I love you baby-I am proud of you and know Glam will be a success because you are involved.

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Skitz (excerpt from my manuscript)

July 27, 2009
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the elevator opens and Joe walks into his office. Joe’s secretary welcomes him back from vacation. 

“Good morning Mr. McCallum, How was your trip?” asks Debbie.

“Way too short Debbie, way too short.” answered Joe

“Your 9 O’clock was early, so I sent Her in.”  says Debbie.

Joe has a panicked look and replies, “Her?” He slowly walks to his door and peeks in the door.  He is shocked to see his mother in his office.

“Mom?  Is that really you? What..  Why..Why are you here?” he asks.

“I was checking to see if they have contacted you yet? she asks.

Joe replies, “Has who contacted me?”

“You know who” she says without hiding her aggravation.

“What do want?” Joe fires back.

“I don’t want you to end up like your Father.” she says

Joe answers,”I’ve seen you twice since the funeral.  You’ve never met my children.  What the Hell are you doing here asking me questions about my life?

Joe’s Mom hesitates and lowers her head,”I didn’t have a choice-It was better I left when I did.”

“Better? Better?  You missed everything!”  Joe yells

“Have they contacted you?” she demands

“Yes!  Yes…they have” Joe answers.

“I’m sorry Joe..I..I was hoping it was over.  I have to go.” she says as she walks to the door.

Joe watches as the door closes behind her.  He jumps up and goes to the door only to find the Debbie on the phone. 

“Where is she?”  he asks

Debbie lowers the phone to look at Joe and replies “Where is who Mr. McCallum?

Joe’s phone rings and he steps back into his office.

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What are we waiting on?

July 21, 2009
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If I asked you this question…you could give me a list on many subjects that would pertain to you.

Waiting on money before we have a baby…Waiting on vacation so I can be happy…Waiting on the Lord to open a door…a window..a message..email..airplane with a banner…

I have been waiting to serve God in a tangible way for years.  I met with a man this morning that wakes up everyday and serves and depends on God to do the rest.

I can see the winds of change in my life. 

Let the Journey begin.

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God sized vision

July 16, 2009
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What is Faith if we never dream big, go out on a limb, do something we couldn’t do on our own……

Let’s dust off our Faith and see what the Lord can do.

Crossroads has some unbelievable visions for the Church and the City.

I just walked through the building downtown that Crossroads wants to use for the new campus.

This is a GOD SIZED VISION.  We need our people to have Faith in our God that this can happen.  The impact on our City-Our Children-Our Families could change us forever.


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Life is a Hustle..

July 14, 2009
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More than ever this is true.  I’m a builder..this is not a good time for me..to be a builder that is.  Fortunately, I am not afraid of the hustle. 

God has either cursed or blessed me with a never ending supply of ideas. (check with wife on cursed or blessed part)

Anywho-I am looking forward to the Hustle of the future and finally getting to put some wind under my ideas.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

blackasscoffee.com and giftcardrecycle.com are born.

Thanks.  I’ll leave the light on for you-cause it’s time to make the donuts…coffee

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July 12, 2009
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of Sunday that is.  Awesome service this morning, with worship again tonight.  Got my fuse lit this morning. 

Why am I so easy to do things on my own?  Inpatience and cockiness are not virtues.

I am gonna let God sort, rearrange, set the table, deliver the meal….and then I will eat it.

I understand this….so I will wait.

2nd Half coming up

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hello there

July 1, 2009
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alrighty, back in the saddle.  I have been concentrating on some new projects and changes in the old noggin.  I have been working on a new business called giftcardrecycle.com and it is live today.

Check it out for great deals on unused gift card balances-or sell me your unused cards!  I will be buying lots of cards to build my inventory, so tell a friend.

My next project is blackasscoffee.com.  Bold name.  Bold coffee.  I was tired of drinking over-priced, stale coffee that was supposed to be good.  Nope.  we have found great beans from around the world that are roasted and ground to order.  It makes a huge difference.  Raging Mule Dark Roast is a hit!  Check out the web site and ask me for a free sample.


Talk to you soon.

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