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His Kingdom Come…

August 26, 2008
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God can give us as much as we can handle.  For years a talked about, occasionally prayed about wanting more of Him.  I never really took a plan of action.  I have changed that recently.  By pursuing Him with all that I have, times are a changing.  We have moved out of our comfort zone on almost every level of praise, worship, prayer, and everyday life.  Don’t get me wrong…Our struggles are still here.  We have decided to pray and praise our way thru. 

Last night at prayer was one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen and been involved with.  Our Pastor was surrounded by people that loved him and we prayed and praised and then we washed his feet.  Take a moment to think about that.  Have you ever had your feet washed by friends?  It is humbling.  Steve has weathered the blows of 12 years of ministry.  Friends coming and going, good times and tough times.   The first defense for CRCC gets the hardest hits.  Last night we wanted to bless him, thank him, encourage him, and let him know that we are so glad he is our Pastor.  Thank you Steve.  We love you.

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I think I can…I think I can

August 22, 2008
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After an up and down week of School with Isaiah-  He finished strong today.  Mon-great,met the teacher.  Tues-great went in and had a blast.  Wed-tough day, wouldn’t go in, i stayed the whole day in a small chair.  Thurs-had to be walked to the counselor, but eventually went in and had a great day (he won best student!).  And Friday-got out by himself and walked straight in!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks to all who have prayed.  I have realized that because of Isaiah I have become closer than ever to God. 



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New song

August 19, 2008
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The Lord has a way of sifting the wheat in our lives.  When you listen and follow, the path can become clearer.  Continue to seek-continue to find.  I pray the Holy Spirit plows ahead to lead the way and falls on us to cover and protect.  PRAISE REPORT—Isaiah went to meet the teacher today.  For those in the know…this is a BIG deal.  Thank You God!!!!!Please keep the spirit of fear away from and off my boy.  The enemy will be defeated!!!!

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August 12, 2008
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Saturday at the HINGE was a hammer to the enemy’s camp.  I truly believe doors were opened and God is ready to change Greenville.  But God doesn’t expect us to walk away from this and just watch.  Now is the time to press into his word,  step up your prayers, and take a stand for Jesus Christ.  Like Steve said Sunday- If you are doing something wrong…stop,  and then Start something that is right.  Start using the gifts God has given you.  Earthquakes to follow.  (did I mention that the reedy river was flowing backwards during the Hinge?,  You may argue that it was the wind and it was only the surface…but God controls the wind.  At 5:30 when it ended…the river was flowing regular again.)

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August 5, 2008
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The Hinge is this Saturday.  It has been coming on forever and all of a sudden…bam..it’s here.  I am praying that God rocks the river and shows up big time.  I am praying he fills in all the supernatural that we can handle.  Please pray.  Pray for the speakers, pray for hearts to be open, pray this is a turning point in our city for things to come.  Pray.     hingegreenville.com

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Sweet 16

August 1, 2008
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Happy Birthday Sidney!!!!!  We love you!!!!!!!!

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