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April 24, 2010
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Check this out everyone…..I have a great opportunity to work with The Channel at the new location at a brand new restaurant  and we need your help….Here is a note from Jay…
First of all let me start by saying Thank You for taking the time to read this message. For those who don’t know, The Channel is moving to a new location. Our new address is 221 N Main St Greenville SC 29601, and we will be opening there in May/June
A huge door has opened for us to return to the downtown Arts/Business district where we will have a much greater opportunity for impact. With any opportunity comes obstacles.
We took over the Carpenters Cellar Ministries just 4 years ago in downtown Greenville. The building we were in was only 1100 sq ft. We had a great big vision, and a building that limited us.
Within less than one year we had began a move to a new location still in the city, but not downtown. It was at this point that we decided to change the name to The Channel. The location on Orchard Park Dr was 3400 sq ft and a scary step of faith. We were moving into an area where we became a destination instead of being in the more desired downtown. In less than three years we have out grown our building. God is good.
We have been faithful and the Lord has worked some awesome miracles on our behalf. During our time at the current location we have seen some amazing ministry, concerts, and community events. We even had TobyMac and Diverse City host an after party with us after Winterjam last year. What a night that was.
While standing in the green room with TobyMac, I said I’m sorry we don’t have a big place and a huge sound system for you to play through. He replied, “that’s why we are here, to cause you to grow”. We all know that TobyMac is one of the largest icons in Christian music today.
The word tells us that Life and Death is in the tongue. Looking back over the last year, things have exploded since he made that comment. We hosted more National artist in the last year than we have in our entire ministry.
Also in the last year we have had 86 salvations that we know of, and numerous testimonies of how the Lord has touched someones life through The Channel.
Glory to God for what he has done. Isn’t crazy how God picks the most unlikely people to use. We in our selves have no ability, but through Christ we can do all things.
I’ve said all of that to say we need your help. We are moving to a new location downtown that has 14000 sq ft. It consists of three floors and is in the high foot traffic area of town. Who could ask for more. Our light will be shinning everyday of the week with many different type of events. We will also have a full restaurant. Yes I said restaurant.
We will serve lunch and dinner everyday with a full menu. We will have two stages on separate floors so we can provide entertainment for the dinner crowd along with full band shows in the concert setting. Just consider the thought of being fulfilled spiritually and physically all under one roof. We have many other plans in the works. I just wanted to share the basics with you.
Below you will find a link to where you can make a donation to help our ministry. I don’t like to ask for money because so many organizations do. The fact is we can’t do it without it. We have put together a few options to consider with a benefit to them all, not to mention all gifts are tax deductible. Please prayerfully consider helping us reach our goal.
The number may seem high to some, and to others may seem insignificant. The potential we have in downtown is unlimited. One last request. Please forward this email to anyone that you may know that could be in a position to help. Let’s get this link out to as many people as possible.
Also, here is a widget code for people to place on their MySpace if they have one to get the word spread faster. Just copy and past into the profile.

<embed src=”http://widget.chipin.com/widget/id/73b2245f59de7b07” flashVars=”show_url=true&event_title=Supporting%20The%20Channel&event_desc=The%20Channel%2C%20a%20music%20venue%20and%20artist%20development%20center%2C%20in%20Greenville%2C%20SC%20must%20raise%20%2450%2C000%20in%20one%20week%20to%20move%20to%20their%20new%20location%20in%20downtown%20Greenville.%20″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowScriptAccess=”always” wmode=”transparent” width=”250″ height=”250″></embed>

Thanks so much for all those who are helping spread the word.
God Bless
Jay McAbee
The Channel

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