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Alot to do about you

May 30, 2008
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Yesterday I was eating dirt.  I was concerned about how quickly the Holy Spirit was drained from me.  From Monday to Wednesday I felt my Spirit meter was emptied.  My wife pointed out that being busy and allowing the chaos of everyday life and the constant running around can make you feel this way (my brother is in Alaska, so my work load is heavy).  She assured me that my meter was not as low as I thought.  She was right.  So easily we bring the Holy Spirit to work with us in a briefcase and put it next to our desk.  If we choose to leave him there, well…that’s where he will stay.  On a different note-  God’s promises can sneak up on you.  Under the umbrella of our commercial construction co, we opened up a concrete company.  We had been trying to build business other than from ourselves.  We prayed (and pray) alot and fully believed (believe) that God would bless the business.  We actually prayed that we would get so busy we would worry more about scheduling than actually pouring.  I have spent hours this week trying to perfect the schedule as we have added 3 employees and have more work than ever.  And I actually just realized how busy we are. When I left the Holy spirit in the briefcase and worked without him,  I didn’t even consider or realize that all the promises were coming in.  UNLOCK YOUR BRIEFCASE.

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dry dirt

May 29, 2008
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After an awesome weekend- I have skidded into a dry desert of blahhhhh.  In two quick days of life, I feel my spirit leaking out and weakening.  I have made the mistake of turning off my Holy Spirit frequency and am riding on Auto-pilot.  We have a tendency to do such things when there is no crisis or dilemma.  I am certainly not asking for one.  However,  I am done eating dirt. 

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Weekend Mix

May 27, 2008
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Friday night send off for Adam and Shanah with food and frisbee golf.  Saturday night grilled brats and finished the frisbee golf match with friends.  Sunday dove head first into the river at Church and danced for the Lord.  Sunday night the balloons came 30 feet over the park in my neighborhood, then landed next door.  The kids helped pack up the balloon while we ate KFC on my front steps.  Monday was an unexpected adventure.  Explored some land up the side of Ceasars Head, went up to the top to picnic, walked down devil’s kitchen, fellowshipped on the edge for hours. went to a friends camp and caught a large mouth bass,  (adam too) , ate a free camp dinner, road a Hummer up the mountain and petted horses.  Need a day off to rest.

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Something’s different about this seat

May 23, 2008
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Every single chair in the Church Sanctuary was prayed over wednesday night.  If you feel a little extra heat in the seat, don’t resist.  God has big plans for CRCC.  I am very excited about things to come.  I am very excited to return home, and to a great Church and Pastor and Staff.  Keep putting HIM first.  Words have continued to be spoken over a river of the Holy Spirit in front of the stage.  I am still encouraging you to get your feet wet.  See you Sunday.

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please sir…may I have some more?

May 21, 2008
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The more I get, the more I want of the Lord.  Angie went back up to Morningstar tonight after a 2 day trip to Lakeland.  I couldn’t go to either but have been praying and texting friends to pray for another friend who is there tonight.  I believe God will reward the journey.  I’m not talking about the 1 1/2 hour drive to Charlotte, or 10 hours to Lakeland.  I look at my life now as a quest for everything to do with the Lord.  I used to think I had enough or didn’t feel it necessary to go overboard.  Then what are we living for?  God first actually means God first.  Do I have it all figured out?  Not even close.  Do I always put God first?  Nope.  Do I want to put God first?  Uhh, Yep.  Really?  I really want to want to put God first.  It’s my journey.  One day at a time.  Like Lakeside used to sing “come along and ride on a fantastic voyage” (this is really old school 70’s). 

Tonight’s storm was beautiful.  Like the Lord.  Beauty and power. 

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May 19, 2008
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This is a hard post for me.  Sunday’s service was awesome.  Good Old School lesson on Sin controlling our lives.  We don’t have to keep stepping into the bear trap.  Sin actually is NOT okay.  Here’s the hard part.  Dr. Reel invited people down to have the bondage of sin lifted from them.  Enough said, I’m going down.  I’m a sinner.  Everyday.  I received prayer and a fresh dose of the Holy Spirit which we all need because we leak.  After 7 or so more people took advantage of this invitation, I realized either of two things-1. We obviously have no sinners in our congregation (congratulations, we win) or-2. The fear of man and man’s pride is heavy over our Church.  I’m voting for 2.  My bondage that was lifted was exactly that-fear of man.  It can make you a statue.  I’m worshipping my risen Lord, knowing full well the dirty details of my salvation.  Yet, I’m worried about dancing a bit too much, or yelling, and Heaven forbid a little shaking.  I used to be a statue.  Yes, I’m saved.  No need to get radical.  Well. maybe I’ll lift a hand about chest high. One year later, maybe two hands.  Maybe then I might let that hand slip higher than my shoulders.  Feels pretty good.  Scan the crowd to make sure I’m not alone.  Good, I saw a few others.  Alright, hold on, sticking both up as high as I can.  Something’s different.  Heart is pounding, but I feel peace.  Time to actually sway a bit.  Pretty sure somebody’s staring holes in the back of my head.  Not to mention what my wife is doing next to me ( she’s a few years ahead of me).  Flash forward to today.  Standing still is not an option.  When the Holy Spirit invades me during worship, it tends to move me a little.  However, the fear of man is strong.  I want to dance naked like David did.  I fully understand this is not the time or setting for such.  But I do want the congregation to experience a little freedom.  Full Contact Holy Spirit encounters rarely cause you to hold your hands tight to your body and resist any movement.  My point is, open your soul and let what happens happen.  I won’t laugh.  I’ll cry probably.  But that’s for a later post.

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May 16, 2008
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Jealous of my wife.  They set out tomorrow at 3am to go to Lakeland, Florida to the REVIVAL.  If you haven’t heard, check out God TV or Google Todd Bentley’s Ministry.  My friend went down for a weekend that turned into a week.  Said he saw with his own eyes 4 crippled people walk out of wheelchairs.  I said crippled people walk.  crippled-walk.  Healings.  Today.  Not the past.  today.  we can all walk with this power.  Very jealous.  This group of women are going to bring back the fire.  no updates needed,  you’ll hear.

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man or mouse of GOD

May 13, 2008
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When, not if, but when you are called to be a Man of God (or Woman), you have a choice to make.  Your saved.  All that hell and Heaven thing is settled.  You could throw it on auto-pilot and play it safe.  You can hide it, bring it out when you really need it.  You know, take care of it.  You may even be BOLD enough to talk about God and Jesus to other people at Church or saved friends.  Your really stepping out on a limb.  Better keep it on the down low around other friends and especially family, you don’t want to rock the boat.  Why does this happen?  Is it truly the greatest gift you can have?  It comes down to embarrassment.  What would people think?  What a fool, mook, moron, whatever.  I am guilty of this.  I’m sick of it.  God has empowered us to do his work.  Yes, everything Jesus did.  We alone choose to walk it out.  Go boldly to the mission field tomorrow.  Let me know what happens. 

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Dr. No

May 11, 2008
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Things you don’t want your Dr. to say during surgery-

Nurse, wasn’t I wearing a watch when we started?

I’ll be right back. My car is in a handicap spot.

What the…is that a spleen or appendix?

I’ve got it!!!!!Peter picked a peck of pickled peppers!!!!Yes!!!

It didn’t look like this in Med School.

60% of the time this works everytime.

The last time I went this many hours without sleep I ended up in jail in Mexico.

I actually concentrate better after a few drinks.

If we actually pull this off..It’s free hotdogs for everyone!

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Happy Mother’s Day

May 10, 2008
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I love my mom.  But since I have been married and have had many children,  Mother’s day focus has been on Angie.  Mother to my babies.  My babies don’t sit around and read books quietly all day.  My point is-Angie has to be a mother 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We say as a family we give a few special days off-Mother’s day, her birthday, and occasionally a weekend.  Angie, unfortunately, doesn’t know how to take days off.  I have vacationed with her away from the children, and she worries about them the whole time.  If we go to a movie-she talks about them.  You get the point.  Every year we go to my Mothers for Mother’s day.  This is not a place that is stress free.  This year we are going Saturday night instead so hopefully we can truly pull off a day of rest and relaxation for the Queen Mother on Sunday.  I rarely choose  the correct path to show Angie how much I love her, but I truly couldn’t operate without her.  She is a pistol and hard to handle- but I would not pick another woman to be with, to be best friends with, to laugh with, to cry with, or to trust the well being and hearts of my children with.  Happy Mother’s Day Angie!!!  I LOVE YOU.

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