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me too | May 1, 2008

I am-hairy

I think-too much

I know- I could kill roughly 60% of jungle animals with my bare hands

I want- a boat

I have- no boat

I wish-I wish, but I still don’t

I Hate- reading Dr. Seuss

I hear-I’m a genious several times a day

I feel-joy watching my kids sleep

I miss-growing up at my lakehouse

I fear-life getting away from me

I smell

I crave- popcorn at 10:30 every night

I search- for the perfect socks

I wonder- if your still reading this

I dream- constantly about forgetting my high school locker combination

I regret- respecting little as a teenager

I love- Angie too much

I ache- for my kids to love the Lord

I care- about Clemson Football

I always- make coffee for my wife

I am not-a dancer

I believe- God is bigger than we could possibly imagine

I dance- even though I’m not a dancer

I sing- Karaoke like a madman

I cry- more than I care to talk about

I don’t always- say the right things

I fight- less than I used to

I write-screenplays

I win- most badminton games

I lose- on purpose to my kids

I never-lose on purpose to Angie

I confuse- small children every chance I get

I listen- when it’s convenient

I can usually be found- outside

I am scared- of my wife tripping

I need- someone to examine my head

I am happy about- God showing up so often in my life


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Ongoing saga of Thomas Wirthlin. Jesus is Big, could be bigger. Hottie wife, 4 great kids and 2 dogs that are too human. Brain usually in a movie and live my life in my own screenplay.







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