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Happy Birthday ADAM! | September 23, 2009

My eldest son turned 12 today. 

Adam is a manly man of a son.  He already has his life planned- Jet Fighter pilot for the Air Force after attending the AirForce Academy. He’ll get married later as to not worry his wife with his occupation. 

 After the AirForce he will be a commercial airline pilot with wife and kids.  I’m pretty sure he already has some names picked out.  He’s 12.  You don’t want to know what I was thinking about when I was 12.

 He is serious.  He has always had a plan.  He says he will die for his country, and I believe him.  He’s 12. 

He loves Go-Karts, fishing, camping, Clemson, and his Mama.  This boy is alot like me.

I love him as much as you can love another person.  I am proud of him and know he will influence the world no matter what he does.

I salute you mini soldier.  I love you.jet Dad

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