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GOD | September 6, 2009

I have had some interesting conversations with Him this past week or two.  I believe He wants the real us to talk to Him when we are just talking to Him.  Not the “I’m in Church” person who uses great words and prays nice and neat.

We all have questions about how things are run up there.  We all think what could He be possibly thinking by letting something happen the way it does.  The truth is we can’t possibly understand His ways or reasons.  That really doesn’t help all the time. 

Finding some quiet place is what I have to do when these questions are swirling around in my head. 

I am still on a journey.  If we stand in the same place for our entire lives we will never get anywhere.  It is up to God when He will reveals things to us.  I rarely find things when I’m not looking.  My point is to look, ask, seek, listen, and PRAY.  Talk to God the way you really feel.  I”m quite sure he can handle the conversation.  You might have to wrestle for your blessing.

I truly embrace my personal relationship with Jesus and can’t imagine trying to navigate this short earthly trip without Him.  Or the LLLLLLOOOOOONNGGGG HOT afterlife without Him. 

God is Good.  I know this.  I love Him and hope more people would find Him.  He is not mad at me for not going to Church this morning because we are all exhausted from the Clemson Game last night. 


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