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SQUIRRELS | August 21, 2009

Imagine the life.  gathering nuts. climbing trees.  lots of chatty friends.  you can live where you want.  not sure if they marry, but I’ve seen baby squirrels. 

But they just can’t seem to cross a road very well.  Alot of indecision involved.  alot of bad decisions.  alot of death there.

Are they friends with the chipmunks?  come to think of it..Ive never seen squirrels really hanging out with other animals.  Do all the squirrels know that famous one that can water ski?

In the lower states they eat squirrels.  fried squirrel on a stick is big in L.A. (lower Alabama)

people that feed squirrels in parks are generally considered strange if not schizophrenic. 

I wanted to make a coat of squirrels when I was younger.  I only shot one with my bb gun so i made a bandana instead.

flying squirrels probably have it best. are there wild squirrels in the woods? 

just thinkingsquirrels

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  1. My mom had dead squirrels as baby dolls when she was young. Her dad would shoot them, pose them and wait for Rigamortis to set in and then she’d play with them. Dress them up and all! She get new ones every week. I have pics to prove it! So gross.

    Comment by creichley — August 23, 2009 @ 10:18 pm

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