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25 days.9 hours.52 minutes. 30 seconds..29..28 | August 11, 2009

Clemson football is almost here.  I can hum Tiger Rag and I will get goosebumps.  Everytime.  Really, ask me when you see me.

My Dad is responsible for my love of Clemson.  In 1960 he bought his first season tickets.  He would bring my brother and me to every game from the ages of 4 or 5.  The tradition that he instilled in me that is Clemson Football has never left me.

I have missed 4 or 5  home games over the past 34 years.  I prefer not to talk about those.  The pain is still to fresh.  Time heals all wounds…they say…”they” have obviously never been to a Clemson game.

I digress, the point is traditions for families are important.  My Father is unable to attend games this year for the first time since 1960 because he is in Germany.  He is a retired Orthodontist but last April signed on for a three year tour on a US Army base in Baumholder, Germany.  He is straightening the teeth of our heros.  I love my Dad and miss him alot.  Here are a few highlights of his life-Inventor of Chinese football(I have no proof not to believe him) Cancer survivor (had his shoulder removed in 1970 the year I was born) 2 time Honorable Mention Intramural Football All American at center, battled a one armed man for the honor of his grandkids and the retrieval of their football (at a Clemson Game I might add), took me to every Clemson game (mom gets the props for the tailgating), never, not once, has he doubted me or withheld his support for me.

Anyway, football is 27 days away.  I would go to a game if I had a bear trap on my leg. 

Willy or Parker?  probably a little of both to start.  Clemson has of way of teasing you with expectations, but it is a great diversion sometimes to the rut of life. 

At least I can always count on stomping on the gamecocks head every year.  It is beginning to be a little boring.  No it’s not. I love it.clemsonfight

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