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Tori and Dean | August 4, 2009

Let me start by saying I don’t watch every episode, my wife does and so sometimes I get to hear it and I look over to see the TV during the show.

When I first heard of the show-I figured it would be awful.  I was not a 90210 regular and never really cared for Tori (she would have not been my favorite girly on the show), anyway, as my wife started watching and I caught a few episodes….it started to grow on me.

The fact of the matter is..I like Tori and Dean.  The actual people that is.  Now, I know we see what they want us to see, but they actually seem pretty normal.  They actually remind me a little of me and Angie. 

With the new Glam store open now and watching Angie juggle the kids and working, blogging, facebooking, twittering, marketing, networking her butt off to make the business successful-this reminds me of Tori who has about 10 businesses going at once because her peach of a mother cut her out of 800 billion dollars her dad had. 

And Dean-well he’s damn good looking like me-loves motorcycles and anything fast and dangerous, loves his kids and plays with them all the time-calls them all nicknames, has 10 diffent projects going at once, thinks his wife is a hottie  and pesters her constantly about having more lovin.

Now they certainly have more gay friends than we do-but that pretty much is the only difference.

Now I have to go-Have to grind coffee for Blackasscoffee company, fulfill two orders on Giftcardrecycle.com, update my facebook, meeting in Charlotte with investors, price a new job, design my home page for greenseed partners (carbon offset company I am starting), then eat lunch at somewhere fancy in Uptown Charlotte in case the paparazzi find me.  Peace


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