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Skitz (excerpt from my manuscript) | July 27, 2009

the elevator opens and Joe walks into his office. Joe’s secretary welcomes him back from vacation. 

“Good morning Mr. McCallum, How was your trip?” asks Debbie.

“Way too short Debbie, way too short.” answered Joe

“Your 9 O’clock was early, so I sent Her in.”  says Debbie.

Joe has a panicked look and replies, “Her?” He slowly walks to his door and peeks in the door.  He is shocked to see his mother in his office.

“Mom?  Is that really you? What..  Why..Why are you here?” he asks.

“I was checking to see if they have contacted you yet? she asks.

Joe replies, “Has who contacted me?”

“You know who” she says without hiding her aggravation.

“What do want?” Joe fires back.

“I don’t want you to end up like your Father.” she says

Joe answers,”I’ve seen you twice since the funeral.  You’ve never met my children.  What the Hell are you doing here asking me questions about my life?

Joe’s Mom hesitates and lowers her head,”I didn’t have a choice-It was better I left when I did.”

“Better? Better?  You missed everything!”  Joe yells

“Have they contacted you?” she demands

“Yes!  Yes…they have” Joe answers.

“I’m sorry Joe..I..I was hoping it was over.  I have to go.” she says as she walks to the door.

Joe watches as the door closes behind her.  He jumps up and goes to the door only to find the Debbie on the phone. 

“Where is she?”  he asks

Debbie lowers the phone to look at Joe and replies “Where is who Mr. McCallum?

Joe’s phone rings and he steps back into his office.

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  1. That’s what i ask all the time ….

    Comment by sean — July 27, 2009 @ 2:26 am

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