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Dead man walking | October 10, 2008

I have been sick for too long.  I tried to kill myself by climbing a mountain this weekend on my anniversary trip to brevard, NC.  After attempting this i spent 4 hours in the ER in Transylvania County without ever seeing anyone.  So I took some real good pain killers and returned to meet friends at dinner.  I don’t remember alot about the dinner, or the next 18 hours.  I was driven to Doctors care in Simpsonville on Sunday and diagnosed with pneumonia.  After a shot in the rear, 5 days of antibiotics, 20 breathing treatments, and too much cough syrup with codeine….I officially declare I feel alright.  That’s about it.  Still weak and a little loopy but able to get around pretty good. 

Speaking of loopy-I am not thrilled with the two choices for President.  However-one of the choices I feel would be so bad for this Country that I have to embrace the other candidate as my own.  Everything we know and are proud about this Country will change if elected.  We will become a Socialist society.  Apparently we are allowed the American dream up until $250,000 and then we will be unpatriotic to not pay more than our share.  America is close to electing a man who is so far left that he is unable to stand straight or talk straight.  Watch carefully how questions rarely get answered.  How do you claim to be a christian and down the line from abortion to same sex marriages be on the wrong side of God’s word?  Please get involved and at least talk to friends that don’t see past his Halo.   I won’t repeat what his pastor? said about America.  I will say it the way it was intended –   God “Bless” America

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