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His Kingdom Come… | August 26, 2008

God can give us as much as we can handle.  For years a talked about, occasionally prayed about wanting more of Him.  I never really took a plan of action.  I have changed that recently.  By pursuing Him with all that I have, times are a changing.  We have moved out of our comfort zone on almost every level of praise, worship, prayer, and everyday life.  Don’t get me wrong…Our struggles are still here.  We have decided to pray and praise our way thru. 

Last night at prayer was one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen and been involved with.  Our Pastor was surrounded by people that loved him and we prayed and praised and then we washed his feet.  Take a moment to think about that.  Have you ever had your feet washed by friends?  It is humbling.  Steve has weathered the blows of 12 years of ministry.  Friends coming and going, good times and tough times.   The first defense for CRCC gets the hardest hits.  Last night we wanted to bless him, thank him, encourage him, and let him know that we are so glad he is our Pastor.  Thank you Steve.  We love you.

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