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Sunday Worship | June 24, 2008

Coulda been longer….I always feel that way.  A small group of people have been coming on Wed night around 7:30 to the Church to pray for the band and worship.  We pray for God to show up big on Sunday and really start pulling his people back to him.  We pray for every single chair in the Church.  All of them.  We pray for the youth section to not be afraid to commit to the Lord.  We pray for the back rows for the people who aren’t ready to get too close.  As you know, I believe there is a river of the HOLY SPIRIT flowing in front of the stage.  I have seen the river, I have felt the river, and I’m no longer satisfied to be back on the bank.  please come on Wed nights if you really want to lift up David and the band.  Continue to pray for our Church and Body.  God is moving and all are invited.  See ya

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