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Shark Hunters | June 15, 2008

I have found something that my boys have patience for.  Fishing.  Adam talks about fishing alot, so on the rare occasion we go, I am not surprised that he could fish for hours.  Isaiah, however, was a bit of a surprise.  Late Tues evening we went out to the pier at Surfside and went fishing.  In fairness, my girls did well for the first hour.  But the boys after hour two were showing no signs of boredom.  Later in the week we fished right outside the house in the surf.  Everbody caught a shark or two and Adam and Isaiah would have stayed longer but by 8am the swimmers were emerging onto the beach.  I realized on our last day of fishing that I hadn’t caught a fish.  I had more PATIENCE than usual and was handing over any rod with a bight so my kids could reel the fish in.  I was reminded of my Father’s patience (The Lord) as he has brought me along,  handing me the good things,  leading me to the right people, and teaching me as I am maturing in Him.  Thanks God.  Oh by the way,  I did catch the last shark of the trip and that was plenty for me.

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