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please sir…may I have some more? | May 21, 2008

The more I get, the more I want of the Lord.  Angie went back up to Morningstar tonight after a 2 day trip to Lakeland.  I couldn’t go to either but have been praying and texting friends to pray for another friend who is there tonight.  I believe God will reward the journey.  I’m not talking about the 1 1/2 hour drive to Charlotte, or 10 hours to Lakeland.  I look at my life now as a quest for everything to do with the Lord.  I used to think I had enough or didn’t feel it necessary to go overboard.  Then what are we living for?  God first actually means God first.  Do I have it all figured out?  Not even close.  Do I always put God first?  Nope.  Do I want to put God first?  Uhh, Yep.  Really?  I really want to want to put God first.  It’s my journey.  One day at a time.  Like Lakeside used to sing “come along and ride on a fantastic voyage” (this is really old school 70’s). 

Tonight’s storm was beautiful.  Like the Lord.  Beauty and power. 

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