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Sunday | May 19, 2008

This is a hard post for me.  Sunday’s service was awesome.  Good Old School lesson on Sin controlling our lives.  We don’t have to keep stepping into the bear trap.  Sin actually is NOT okay.  Here’s the hard part.  Dr. Reel invited people down to have the bondage of sin lifted from them.  Enough said, I’m going down.  I’m a sinner.  Everyday.  I received prayer and a fresh dose of the Holy Spirit which we all need because we leak.  After 7 or so more people took advantage of this invitation, I realized either of two things-1. We obviously have no sinners in our congregation (congratulations, we win) or-2. The fear of man and man’s pride is heavy over our Church.  I’m voting for 2.  My bondage that was lifted was exactly that-fear of man.  It can make you a statue.  I’m worshipping my risen Lord, knowing full well the dirty details of my salvation.  Yet, I’m worried about dancing a bit too much, or yelling, and Heaven forbid a little shaking.  I used to be a statue.  Yes, I’m saved.  No need to get radical.  Well. maybe I’ll lift a hand about chest high. One year later, maybe two hands.  Maybe then I might let that hand slip higher than my shoulders.  Feels pretty good.  Scan the crowd to make sure I’m not alone.  Good, I saw a few others.  Alright, hold on, sticking both up as high as I can.  Something’s different.  Heart is pounding, but I feel peace.  Time to actually sway a bit.  Pretty sure somebody’s staring holes in the back of my head.  Not to mention what my wife is doing next to me ( she’s a few years ahead of me).  Flash forward to today.  Standing still is not an option.  When the Holy Spirit invades me during worship, it tends to move me a little.  However, the fear of man is strong.  I want to dance naked like David did.  I fully understand this is not the time or setting for such.  But I do want the congregation to experience a little freedom.  Full Contact Holy Spirit encounters rarely cause you to hold your hands tight to your body and resist any movement.  My point is, open your soul and let what happens happen.  I won’t laugh.  I’ll cry probably.  But that’s for a later post.

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