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man or mouse of GOD | May 13, 2008

When, not if, but when you are called to be a Man of God (or Woman), you have a choice to make.  Your saved.  All that hell and Heaven thing is settled.  You could throw it on auto-pilot and play it safe.  You can hide it, bring it out when you really need it.  You know, take care of it.  You may even be BOLD enough to talk about God and Jesus to other people at Church or saved friends.  Your really stepping out on a limb.  Better keep it on the down low around other friends and especially family, you don’t want to rock the boat.  Why does this happen?  Is it truly the greatest gift you can have?  It comes down to embarrassment.  What would people think?  What a fool, mook, moron, whatever.  I am guilty of this.  I’m sick of it.  God has empowered us to do his work.  Yes, everything Jesus did.  We alone choose to walk it out.  Go boldly to the mission field tomorrow.  Let me know what happens. 

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