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Holy Spirit reports | April 26, 2008

Let me start by saying..you probably had to be there.  Drove to Morningstar last night to catch the wave.  We worshipped together as everyone there was just on pins and needles for the Lord to show up.  I cried out for the Holy Spirit.  The room moaned for it.  He didn’t dissapoint.  What happened over the next 4 hours (we left at 11: 45, it was still going)  is hard to explain, but I will try.  What you choose to do with this info is up to you.   people were slain to the floor, people were crying, yelling, laughing, praying, convulsing, falling, dry heaving, and knocked out.  Yep.  This may sound like a chaotic scene to you.  It was.  The chaos was not lost on me.  I stood in the midst of this.  literally in the middle of 100 people flying and falling around me.  I really wanted to be knocked down.  I didn’t want to make my self fall down.  I started to wonder why I wasn’t.  I begged for it.  I desired the touch of the Lord so strongly that it would literally knock me down.  Wasn’t happening.  Something better happened.  As the carnaged increased around me, a man came to pray for me.  I had seen this man pray for dozens of people and all had been contourted or otherwise moved.  I didn’t want anyone to force me, push me, do a crazy war dance, or any generally invasive move on me.  He asked gently to pray for me.  As chaos continued around me, he gave me words of knowledge, words of confirmation, and lifted me to the Spirit.  God knew what I needed.  9 of my friends went last night and another group is going tonight.  This is hard to watch as you battle doubt but you want to believe and you desire this experience.  Your biggest mistake would be to do nothing.  Do nothing and see nothing.  have no questions-get no answers.  There are gatherings all weekend and my feeling is this will go on for a while.  Go see for yourself.  1 1/2 hour drive.  check it out.

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