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size 13 | April 15, 2008

My birthday was yesterday.  I needed socks, I really did.  I was happy to receive socks.  I have become very practical.  They were nice socks, felt soft-yet strong.  The socks said fits shoe size 6-12.  That is quite a range.  I can only imagine what a fellow with size 6 feet would look like with size 12 socks.  Or vice-versa.  Here’s the problem.  I’m a size 13.  One would think it would be close. from 12 to 13.  not the case.  by 9am the heel of the sock has worked its way to the middle of my foot.  I constantly feel as if there is an extra sock in my shoe.  The reason I needed socks was because I can’t find a sock for size 13.  Do they make a sock for sizes 10-15?  never seen it.  I used to find socks that fit.  What is the deal?  They were made in China, size 12 in China ain’t size 12 in America I guess.  Saving fabric on socks is just the beginning of problems for me.  Next week I will share the problems associated with being 6′ 3″ , 220 lbs and trying to find a pair of bluejeans off the shelf.

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