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brain air conditioner | April 12, 2008

WARNING!!! the following info may be a funny factoid to some, but to others it may actually bring on the 1st stages of insanity and dementia.  relax.  sit down. turn off all noise devices around you.  Really be quiet for a minute.  If your head is like mine, 24 hours a day there is a sound in your brain that sounds like an outdoor HVAC unit running.  a buzz.  a hum.  at night it is louder, in bed it is more like a front end loader with occasional reverse warning beeps.  Hold on……………you don’t?……………ever?…………..you never noticed?…………really?…………….my wife has just assured me that I in fact am probably already a little insane.  SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH.     I know you can hear it.

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