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dreams | April 11, 2008

i have been told dreams are a portal to your very soul.  last night I dreamed of a country far away that had never been discovered.  As I approached the shores a lady in long flowing clothes motioned to come closer.  As my boat entered the ever shallowing water, a thought of danger plagued me.  My mind in turmoil and wrought with confusion, I feverishly tried to jib the dingy to the stern.  As my futile attempt to turn the vessel was noticed by the siren on the shore, she became enraged and the sky darkened and her eyes were like pillars of fire.  She laughed and scoffed at me as it was evident my destination was immenent.  WELCOME TO COLUMBIA, SC the road sign said.

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Ongoing saga of Thomas Wirthlin. Jesus is Big, could be bigger. Hottie wife, 4 great kids and 2 dogs that are too human. Brain usually in a movie and live my life in my own screenplay.







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