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I can’t wait until…. | April 4, 2008

I often think about what I’m going to do in the future.  It’s always cool or fun.  It’s charity work or helping people or hiking and camping with the kids.  I always plan to get to it after I finish something, anything, whatever it is I’m doing now, boring normal stuff like being a good Dad and Husband….Come to think of it, this is pretty cool and fun.  Having 4 kids is a great blessing.  It comes with 4 times the joy, 4Xworry, 4Xpain, 4X$.  Thank you God for one wife.

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Ongoing saga of Thomas Wirthlin. Jesus is Big, could be bigger. Hottie wife, 4 great kids and 2 dogs that are too human. Brain usually in a movie and live my life in my own screenplay.







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